Undergraduate Courses

Childhood Development (PSYCH-2011)

This course examines child development from conception through adolescence with a focus on theory and research on biological, social, personality, and cognitive development.

 Offered through Lakehead University.

Childhood Disorders (PSYCH-2012)

From a developmental perspective, this course looks at the current theory, issues and research regarding epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis and prognosis of psychological disorders present throughout childhood. 

Offered through Lakehead University


Graduate Courses

Research Methods and Program Evaluation (PSYCH-5711)

This course offers an  in-depth and critical review of topics in research methodology, philosophy of science, research problem formulation, and program evaluation.

Offered through Lakehead University

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (PSYCH-6011)

Examination of theoretical perspectives, empirical foundations, and treatment strategies of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Students will learn about theoretical foundations, various modes of treatment, and core skills. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and acquired skills through course-based session planning and discussion, skill demonstration, and reflection. Students may have an opportunity to apply their skills through community-based practica (e.g., co-facilitating a DBT skills training group).